Strap your folding chairs and FM radios to your bike and bring a dinner item to share, cause we’re riding to the movies! invite your friends and neighbors in cars as well; the more, the merrier!

This month, it falls on Griz’s Birthday! July 9th. Come celebrate with him.

We’ll meet up at 6:45pm in the parking lot outside Motorcycle Monkey, have a brief rider’s meeting, then ride over as a group to the drive in. EVERYONE (even cars) should meet up with us there so we can go into the theater as one group and park together. We also decide during the meeting which of the 2 theaters we will be setting up our dinner tables in.

Griz will provide plates, utensils, paper towels, a portable table (bring another table if you wish), portable FM radios so we can hear the movies, and bottled water to share.

You should bring a food item to share, your own FM radio if you have one, folding chairs, and an appetite! Don’t have room in your bike? Have your neighbor or family member follow in their car and bring your stuff! We usually end up with more food than we can all eat.

The movie schedule is usually updated on Thursdays at
so check their site if you’re wondering what movies will be playing.

Griz hosts this event monthly through the spring and summer seasons, as long as he’s in town and not away on business! At this time, it doesn’t look like we’ll have one in August because of his projected work schedule.


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