I’m not much into wearing gloves unless it’s very cold in the mornings when I ride. I realize that they are for safety but I just don’t like the bulky fingers when I’m working the controls on my bike. I also use several cameras that I need to control as well. My Sena 10C uses two buttons to turn it on and off so thick gloves make it almost impossible to function. Having said that, I tried out the Viking Cycle Panache Riding Gloves for Men and was pretty impressed. They feel like they’ll keep my hands from peeling to the bone if I fall, yet light enough to keep my hands cool in the wind during the day while riding. After testing out my touch screen and my Sena I’m happy to say that these gloves worked for me. At a price point of $29.99 (currently), on vikingcycle.com I recommend them. Just be careful of the sizing as I talked about in the video. You can order the gloves on the link below and thanks for watching. Please subscribe to my channel and check out Motorcycle Monkey online for upcoming events and more. Try my coffee as well on the link below. Ride safely…



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